بدخشان امنیه قومنداني: وردج کې ۱۳ پوستې د طالبانو لاسونو ته پریوتي

A great many people download downpours with desktop customers, for example, uTorrent yet with a straightforward UI and small expectation to learn and adapt, Seedr takes torrenting into the cloud. Concealing clients’ IP addresses from general society and with a thoroughly complementary plan to kick individuals off, the administration is quickly picking up footing.

BitTorrent is a considerably well known device. More than 170 million individuals frequently utilize the convention to share records of all sizes, with the dominant part utilizing desktop programming customers, for example, uTorrent and prominent group pleaser BitTorrent.

By the by, choices are accessible. For a long time more progressed BitTorrent clients have been utilizing alleged ‘seedboxes’. These remote servers run downpour customers that permit individuals to share content far from their home machines. With extended transfer speed available to them, sharing expansive amounts of information by means of seedbox is a breeze.

Yet, while seedboxes aren’t especially hard to work or see (most utilize a well known interface), the greater part are holed up behind a paywall. Albeit moderately modest, this absence of introduction guarantees that individuals intrigued by remote torrenting aren’t presented to the experience.

This is the place Seedr ventures in. Basically a downpour customer in the cloud, Seedr offers a free support of kick individuals off and is ludicrously simple to work.

On a fundamental level it’s as basic as making a record (only an email location is required) and either dragging or transferring a downpour to the administration. Seedr is likewise completely magnet join able and can even discover a deluge when supplied with simply the URL of a page.

Seedr then does all the downloading and sharing itself without a solitary byte hitting the client’s machine (incredible for the individuals who need to get on with different things) and with no neighborhood IP locations being presented to a downpour swarm. This implies the administration keeps up client protection as well.

Once the download is finished (shown by a fundamental advancement bar) clients can exchange the substance to their own particular machine by hitting the download catch while a right snap uncovers different choices.

In tests we effortlessly downloaded at a consistent 25Mbps (notwithstanding when restricted by a VPN), implying that a 1GB document took around five minutes to snatch. Since downloads occur by means of HTTP, clients can say farewell to ISP throttling.

“Associations with the site are scrambled utilizing SSL-256bit with solid figures, over HTTP/2 associations. All deluge movement is done on our servers, and the character of the clients is never uncovered. Security is up-to industry guidelines,” administrator David educates us.

Be that as it may, Seedr can accomplish more.

“Once on the cloud you simply see and deal with your documents – you can play them, stream them or download them on the off chance that you need,” David says.

“There are numerous other little and cool elements incorporated with the framework. For instance, before you stream a motion picture you can look for subtitles in any dialect and include them live. You can even synchronize them as you watch the motion picture.”

Since it’s program based, Seedr additionally works crosswise over gadgets – “anything other than a sewing machine” as per David. Seedr likewise has a Chrome module which empowers clients to add a download to Seedr in only two ticks – right-tap on the connection, left tap on ‘Add to Seedr’. Done.

“The whole framework was worked to give smooth gushing without sit tight times for changes ( even on telephones ), and quick download velocities to home PCs. All servers are 1000mbit or speedier, and tuned for deluge, and record download activity,” David says.

At the point when endeavoring to stream to our Android test gadget there was an underlying postponement while the record changed over however survey was consistent after that. The dark window that first shows up should be tapped to uncover the playback controls.

Seedr gathers unknown information for bug fixes and the organization says that every one of extra measurements are anonymized following 60 days. At the point when clients request that have their records erased, Seedr wipes their insights alongside the records inside 48hrs.

Seedr offers a complementary plan and a few bundles for cutting edge clients.

Complementary plan

– 2GB of free stockpiling + more space for welcoming companions

– Unlimited transfer speed, video playback bolster, fast downloads

– 1 parallel downpour download and 1:1 seeding proportion on open trackers


– 30GB, 100GB and 1TB of capacity

– Unlimited parallel downloads, HD gushing and API access

– 1:1 seeding proportion on open trackers

– Private trackers support with up to 5:1 or 5 days seeding proportion

In admiration of copyright activity, if Seedr gets a DMCA notice the organization expels the culpable deluge and exhorts the client. That is the end of the matter.

By and large

Seedr’s excellence lies in its straightforwardness. It’s difficult to envision anybody other than complete tenderfoots expecting to return to the site’s instructional exercise. In any case, those that do won’t be baffled as it uncovers approaches to coordinate the administration into Kodi/XBMC.

The individuals who fixate on the particulars of their torrenting may favor an out and out seedbox experience, however Seedr knows its intended interest group and seems to serve them well.

Seedr can be tried here for nothing.


نن ټکی اسیا (یکشنبه، غويي۱۳مه ۱۳۹۴ل): د بدخشان ولایت چارواکو منلې چې په وردج ولسوالۍ کې وسله‌والو طالبانو ۱۳ پوستې نیولي دي.

طالبانو پرون د یوې خبرپاڼې په خپرولو سره په وردج کې د ۱۳ امنیتي پوستو د نیولو خبر ورکړی و.

د بدخشان ولایت د امنیه قومندانۍ امر سمونوال سخي داد حیدري پژواک خبري اژانس ته ویلي چې د سرحدي پولیسو، نظم عام، ملي پولیسو د پوستو وسلې او مهمات چې په صوفیانو کلي کې پرتې وې د طالبانو د ګواښ له کبله خالي کړي دي.

هغه زیاته کړې چې دوی ۲ کیلومتره شاتګ کړی او پوستې يې بل ځای لېږدولي دي.

د حیدري له قوله دغه پوستې د فیض اباد او د وردج او زیباک ولسوالۍ لارې د څلورو نورو ولسوالیو سره نښلوي.

یو تن ځايي اوسیدونکي عبدالکریم پژواک خبري اژانس ته ویلي چې که څه هم عام خلک د طالبانو څخه د ویرې او خطر احساس نه کوي خو دا امکان لري چې شکمن او د دولتي کسان طالبان له موټرو ښکته کړي.

هغه زیاته کړې چې دغه پوستې د وردج ولسوالۍ په صوفیانو او تیرګران سیمو کې پرتې وې او طالبانو درنې وسلې د پوستو څخه پورته نقطو کې نصب کړې وې.

تر دې وړاندې طالبانو ويلي وو چې د دوی ملګري تېره شپه په دې بريالي شول، چې د وردوج په صوفیان سيمه کې ۱۳ پوستې له دولتي عسکرو خالي او تر واک لاندې کړي.

رسنیو ته په لېږلې خبرپاڼه کې طالبانو ويلي چې په دې پوستو کې سرحدي پولیس، ملي پولیس او نظم عامه پولیس مېشت وو، چې نن سهار وختي يې ۱۳ واړه پوستې له واکه ووتې.

طالبان وايي چې دوی په څو پوستو بریدونه وکړل، خو د نورو پوستو عسکر له وېرې له سیمې وتښتېدل او پوستې يې خوشي کړي.

دا په داسې حال کې چې په تېرو دوو ورځو کې د بغلان په دوو سیمو کې دوه لوی پوځي پنډغالي د طالبانو لاس ته ورغلي.

په شمالي ولایت بدخشان کې د طالبانو د پرمختګ خبر په داسې حال کې ورکول کیږي، چې په کندوز کې لا هم د دوی پرلپسې جګړو ګډ حکومت ارامۍ ته نه دی پرېيښی.

ورته لیکنې

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